9 Best Gifts for Small Plane Pilot

Small plane

If you are searching for a gift for a pilot there are many options to consider. The fact of the matter is that this industry is always growing and expanding. With that in mind you should not have any problems finding the perfect aviation gift for the pilot in your life. But if you are having a bit of trouble there is no need to worry. Listed below are ten of the best aviation gifts on the market today.

  1. An air band transceiver with navigation display is a great gift for a pilot. Even though you will have to spend several hundred dollars, this is one aviation gift that will be used time and time again.
  2. Another great aviation gift is a good headset. Again, you will have to spend quite a bit of money on this item, but it is something that any pilot can use every time that they take off.
  3. If you want to get the best of the best, buy the pilot in your life a GPS system. This may cost a couple thousand dollars, but as far as aviation gifts are concerned this is the cream of the crop.
  4. For a lower priced alternative look into a simple aviation calendar. One of these will only set you back a few bucks, but it is something that anybody can use day in and day out.
  5. A crew shade kit is a great aviation gift that will not break the bank. Every pilot could use a shade kit in order to keep sunlight to a minimum and a lot of heat from the cockpit.
  6. To go along with a headset you may want to buy a headset bag. This aviation gift gives the pilot an area where they can safely store their headset.
  7. A simple bottle of plastic cleaner can be a great aviation gift. Every pilot wants their plane to look good, and with a quality cleaner this should never be too much of a problem.
  8. As far as maintenance is concerned, a great gift may be a bottle of fuel treatment. This can go a long way in helping to keep your favorite pilot’s aircraft in good working condition.
  9. An oil torque wrench may sound a bit strange, but it is something that every pilot needs. These specialized aviation gifts are meant to reach hard to find places while working with precision.
  10. There are many different types of DVD’s that make for perfect aviation gifts. They range from teaching pilots how to complete certain tasks to maintenance tips.

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