Coleman 5-gallon Solar Shower Review

Every now and then, a product pops up that’s so simple and ingenious it’s brilliant. The Coleman 5-gallon Solar Shower is one of those items.
Any survivalist or prepper who sees this product is going to want one or even a few. During most crises, there’s often a water shortage. Either the water lines may be damaged or even if there’s water coming into your home, it could be contaminated because the water treatment plants are damaged.
So, water conservation is of paramount importance. One of the best ways to conserve water is by showering without unnecessarily wasting water. The Coleman 5-gallon Solar Shower helps you to do exactly that.
For starters, you know that it holds exactly 5 gallons of water. This is great because you can use it for multiple showers without having to top up the bag. It also makes planning your water storage much easier.
If you’re using 5 gallons to shower for 3 days, you know that you’ll need about 15 gallons of water for showering if you’re preparing enough water supplies to last you for 9 days. The Coleman shower bag will help you ration your stores accurately.
The solar shower is a bag that is black on one side and transparent on the other. The black side absorbs heat from the sun to heat up the water, while the clear side of the bag shows you just how much water you’re using. This is so clever.
You can hang the bag at home. It comes with a rope and hook. So, you just need to find a spot to hang it from.
If you’re camping outdoors, you can hang it from a low tree branch using paracord. The nozzle on the bag that releases the water does a great job at releasing just enough water to shower easily but not too much that the water gets wasted.
It’s important to note that this is a product that’s not just for outdoor use. Even if you’re staying at home, water preservation is crucial. Using this solar shower indoors will help you to save water. Of course, the water will not be hot indoors because the bag is not exposed to the sun, but it will help you save water.
The construction of this item is good. It’s strong and durable. You can easily fold it and put it in a bug-out bag. It’s lightweight and will not weigh you down.
When transporting the Coleman 5-gallon Solar Shower, make sure the bag is empty. Do not fill it with water and transport it. This is not an airtight bag and wasn’t designed to transport water. You’ll end up leaking water all over your car or bag.
If you’re outdoors and there’s not much sun, you can always run your car’s engine for a while till the bonnet is warm. Now place a cloth on the bonnet and the solar shower bag on top of the cloth. You’ll need to prop the bag up so that it stays upright. The heat from the bonnet will warm up the water and you’ll be able to use it.

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