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The Latest and Greatest Electric Porsches You Must Know About

Porsche has been an icon of luxury, power, and enduring automotive excellence since the 1930s. With the ever-increasing desire to move toward electric vehicles that are good for both the environment and drivers’ wallets, Porsche is taking their storied legacy in a greener direction.

If you’re looking for some of the latest high-performance options that meld performance and sustainability into one sleek package, look no further than these cutting-edge electric Porsches — each crafted with precision to deliver smooth performance and refined style that could only come from this iconic brand.

From their first and only EV to the rumored EVs you may have heard about, here’s what you need to know about the electric Porsche lineup.

Taycan: The First Electric Porsche

As the only all-electric vehicle Porsche currently produces, the Taycan stands out as a pioneer of eco-friendly performance.

This four-door coupé is powered by two electric motors, serving over 400 horsepower and up to 280 miles of range on a single charge — all while providing driver-selectable driving modes for maximum efficiency or top performance.

Three Builds for Different Drivers

The Taycan: An All-Arounder

The base model of the Taycan is an all-arounder. It has two electric motors, one in the front and one in the rear, giving it all-wheel drive capability.

The interior has luxurious leather upholstery, dual-zone climate control, and a 16.8-inch curved display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility.

There are also plenty of driver assistance features such as communication management, selecting lighting, and chassis functions. 

Taycan Cross Turismo: A Sporty Wagon

The Taycan Cross Turismo is a sporty wagon version of the Taycan that offers more cargo space than the standard model, thanks to its raised roofline design.

The Cross Turismo comes with all of the same features as the standard model but with some added touches, like extra storage compartments in the cargo area and rubberized flooring mats that make it easier to clean up after muddy adventures or trips to the beach.

This model also comes equipped with an active spoiler that deploys when needed for improved aerodynamics at higher speeds. 

Taycan GTS Sport Turismo: The Ultimate Performance Model 

The GTS Sport Turismo takes everything that makes the Cross Turismo tremendous and adds even more performance-oriented features:

  • High-performance brakes
  • Adjustable suspension dampers
  • Dynamic engine mounts
  • Upgraded tires for improved grip on wet surfaces or tight turns

This model also comes with a longer-range battery pack so you can go further between charges. 

Electrifying Design

The exterior of this car looks as good as it performs on the road, thanks to its sleek lines and curves reminiscent of other Porsche models like the Panamera and 911.

The signature four-point LED headlights give off an unmistakable glow that will turn heads no matter where you go, while its 20 to 21-inch wheels provide extra stability when cornering or tackling tight turns.

You’ll find plenty of luxurious touches like leather (or sustainability-oriented, leather-free) seating surfaces and Race-Tex microfibre material that create an inviting atmosphere while driving in style. 

Supercharged Performance

The Taycan doesn’t sacrifice performance for style. It offers both.

Its two Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors offer superior handling on any terrain by delivering torque instantaneously to each wheel independently for maximum power transfer regardless of conditions outside.

It also features advanced recuperative braking technology that captures energy while braking and stores it back into the battery for added efficiency on longer trips.  

Charge Anywhere

The Taycan offers drivers unprecedented convenience with its ability to charge anywhere using its 400-volt charging system — allowing drivers to charge up quickly without having to worry about finding a compatible charging station or spending too much time waiting for their battery to fill up again after long trips away from home.

Plus, with its Intelligent Range Manager, you can rest assured knowing your car will never be stranded too far away from home due to lack of charge!

Our Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for an eco-friendly ride or something that packs a punch on the open road, there’s something special about Porsche’s first all-electric vehicle that sets it apart from other electric cars in today’s market.

With three builds available depending on your needs, unbeatable performance even in harsh conditions thanks to advanced torque vectoring technology, luxurious interior design elements throughout its cabin space, and the convenient ability to charge anywhere without worrying about compatibility issues or long wait times at chargers, this car truly has something special going for it.

Up and Coming Electric Porsches: What To Expect

But what about the future? There’s no denying that the Taycan EV is a revolutionary vehicle, but there’s always more to be excited about!

We can expect Porsche to continue innovating and pushing boundaries with their electric vehicles — allowing drivers to go farther and faster while using fewer resources than ever.

Here are five other Porsche EVs that we’ve heard about and what to expect from all of them.


The Cayman EV will be Porsche’s first all-electric crossover, offering drivers a roomy interior with seating for up to five passengers — plus plenty of cargo space.

All-wheel drive and improved range will make this car perfect for long drives on the highway or in the city.


The Cayman looks set to be inspired by one of Porsche’s most iconic designs — the Mission R Concept.

This concept was widely praised for its sleek design and minimalistic appeal, so expect something similar from the Cayman.

Porshe Cayman

If true, this would mean a sleek sports car body with a few minor design tweaks for improved aerodynamics and a more aggressive stance.

This concept was designed for severe track-day use and featured an adjustable rear wing for enhanced downforce on track days. Porsche will likely include similar features in the production version of the Cayman EV as well. 

However, considering this model’s new electric drive system, some changes have probably been made to accommodate it. 


Underneath all that style lies some serious performance potential.

Recent reports suggest that Porsche is developing a new dual-motor drive system for its EVs, which could produce up to 1,088 hp when combined with two separate battery systems.

This would give it enough power to rival some of today’s most powerful supercars and put it firmly in hypercar territory.


The production version of the Cayman EV is also expected to feature a taller chest-like battery mounted directly in the center of the car rather than under its floor like most EVs today.

This would provide several advantages, such as improved weight distribution and handling characteristics and more excellent range due to increased capacity and efficiency gains from having shorter wiring between batteries and motors or drivetrain components.

A faster charging rate is also expected, thanks to the higher voltage capabilities provided by this newer battery pack design. 

Release Date

While details are still scarce, rumors suggest that the Porsche Cayman EV production version could debut sometime in 2025 or perhaps later, depending on development timelines and market conditions.


The Boxster EV is another model that Porsche has reportedly worked on for some time. 

This one is expected to take many of its design cues from the classic sports car and be a smaller, more nimble option than the Cayman — perfect for those who want something sporty but don’t need all the extra room.


The design of the new electric Boxster is expected to be heavily influenced by two concept cars that Porsche has unveiled in the past.

First up is the Mission R concept, which features a two-door coupé design with a sleek and sporty profile. This concept car also features distinctive lines that give it a classic yet modern look.

The second concept car is the GT4 ePerformance Concept, which has an even more aggressive design than the Mission R. This concept features four doors and a raised roofline, giving it a more muscular look than its predecessor.

Both of these concepts are likely to be influential in the final design of the electric Boxster.


It’s also expected to have excellent handling thanks to its lightweight construction and low center of gravity.

Porsche has yet to confirm any specifics about what type of battery or range we can expect from their upcoming electric Boxster. However, given their commitment to making high-performance vehicles, we’re sure that whatever they come up with will be impressive.

Release Date

Unfortunately, there is still no official word yet as to when this highly anticipated EV model will hit showrooms — though sources suggest that it could be as soon as 2024 if development continues according to plan. 

This release date would put it in direct competition with other luxury EVs, such as Tesla’s Model S series and other EVs on this list.


This model will be based on the popular Macan SUV with an all-electric powertrain.

It’s likely to feature a similar design to its regular counterpart, though tweaked to reflect its electric identity.


From the leaked images, the Macan EV will feature a less busy cockpit with only three round gauges, possibly for the remaining speedometer, tachometer, and charge.


Porsche Macan

Depending on your preferences, this powertrain can be configured as an all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive system.

Further, each motor can operate independently, so you can choose how much power you want each wheel to receive based on road conditions or your driving style.

The range for this car is expected to be long per charge with a roughly 100 kWh battery that charges from 5 to 80 percent in under 25 minutes using a DC fast charger, making it one of the fastest-charging EVs available today.  

Release Date

While there is no official word on when exactly we can expect this EV model from Porsche to hit roads, rumors suggest that we may see it as soon as 2024!

Hybrid Cayenne

While the hybrid Cayenne won’t be all-electric, this model promises to offer improved performance and efficiency compared to its petrol counterpart.

e-Hybrid Coupé Design

The Coupé variant of Porsche’s e-Hybrid Cayenne stands out with its sleek, low-profile design reminiscent of previous generations’ classic coupés. It features more oversized air intakes on the front end, which helps optimize airflow and efficiency while maintaining the distinctive feel we’ve come to expect from Porsche vehicles.

The lowered roofline gives it a slimmer overall silhouette, creating an impression of speed even when stationary. 

The interior is just as stylish as the exterior, with high-end materials like brushed aluminum accents, carbon fiber trim, and leather upholstery.

With plenty of advanced driver assistance systems, like adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist, you can rest assured that you’re driving in utmost comfort and safety. 

e-Hybrid SUV Design

The second variant in the e-Hybrid Cayenne lineup is the SUV version which offers more space than its Coupé counterpart without sacrificing style or performance.

Porshe Cayenne Turbo S

Despite having two extra doors, it maintains an aerodynamic profile with sleek lines that make it look more like a sports car than an SUV. It also has large air intakes on the front end, which help optimize airflow and provide superior cooling capabilities for all components under the hood.  

The interior is just as luxurious as the coupé variant but features additional cargo space for all your storage needs.


The Porsche e-Hybrid Cayenne combines sustainability with performance, allowing drivers to enjoy electric and gas power.

The EV has an all-electric range of up to 13 miles with a total range of 450 miles; it can be recharged at home or on the go with the optional mobile charging cable.

It also features a 3.0L V6 engine with 700 Nm of torque, giving you more than enough power when you need it most.

Special e-Driving Modes 

The new Porsche e-Hybrid Cayenne also features unique “e-driving modes,” which adjust your car’s performance depending on your current driving situation or conditions.

For example, if you are going downhill or running low on battery power, you can switch to e-driving mode, which reduces your speed but optimizes battery efficiency. Alternatively, if you want to zip around corners or accelerate quickly, then switch into normal mode which will give you a boost of energy when needed most.

A Hybrid Auto mode conserves energy while cruising around town but still provides enough juice when accelerating onto highways or taking off from stop lights.  

Optimal Charging at Home and on the Road

The EV also makes optimal charging easy — both at home and on the road — thanks to its built-in charging technology that allows for fast charging via regular wall outlets and public charging stations across cities.

You can even use your phone’s app to track how much charge is left in your car’s battery.

Additionally, this EV is designed with smart technology that helps optimize battery usage throughout each drive — meaning less time spent worrying about running out of charge mid-trip.

Rumors Confirmed: Hybrid 911

Finally, Porsche has officially announced that their hybrid 911 models will be released in 2023, offering drivers a unique combination of electric power with the performance they expect from classic Porsche vehicles.


The performance of the new e-Hybrid 911 is expected to match that of the current model, with turbo models being updated to GT3 specs.

The new hybrid system should give drivers more power while making the experience smoother and more efficient.

This new setup will likely provide improved acceleration and performance than its predecessors.

We should also note that Porsche has promised “no major changes” to the exterior or interior design of the car, allowing drivers to enjoy an authentic Porsche experience without any noticeable differences between this model and others in the lineup.


The design of the upcoming e-Hybrid 911 will remain essentially unchanged from what we’ve seen before, with only minor tweaks here and there. Most notably, a few panels on the hood have been rearranged for optimal cooling efficiency.

Porsche 911 Targa 4

On the inside, you can expect an updated infotainment system and other tech features, such as wireless charging for your devices.

However, fans of classic Porsches won’t have anything to worry about. The interior remains unchanged from previous models and still offers all of those luxurious touches we’ve come to expect from Porsche vehicles. 

Final Thoughts

The new Porsche EVs offer an exciting combination of electric power and performance, allowing drivers to enjoy the best of both worlds.

These cars are sure to be some of the most advanced on the market when released, offering superior performance with a sleek design that stays true to the classic Porsche style.

If you’re looking for a luxurious car that blends power and efficiency, look no further than these incredible EV models from Porsche.

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