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By Own Goal
Yea, I know. No asking price. Maybe that needs to be a rule here also, but it isn't yet! I'm never going to finish this 86 951. New motor is in. If shows any intrest I'll post up all the new stuff. Bigger turbo, injectors, exhaust, Vitesse maf other goodies. New Konis etc. LSD with cooler thrans, Fuchs . All that stuff. This space will become my man cave / hobby shop once cleared out.

Uh oh. Insert photo function doesn't seem to be working yet. More to come later looks like.
Last edited by Own Goal on Fri Jul 31, 2020 2:32 pm, edited 2 times in total.
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By fpena944
Try to post the images again, I just ran a test and was able to do so.
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By Own Goal
AS you can see, only get the image icon. When hit the photo button above that is all that happens. Does Not have any options to anywhere and download. Maybe I'm just doing it wrong?

Ah HA!! Works. Different deal but very workable. Nice.
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By fpena944
Cuda911 wrote: Fri Jul 31, 2020 2:22 pm Click "attachments ", not the photo button.
The picture icon is for linking to something already on the web. Use the attachments tab below or cut and paste into the editor.

I'm looking at upgrading the editor but want to test it tonight when it doesn't negatively impact people who are on.
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By groovzilla
Good to see a garage crammed with more crap than mine 8-)
Good luck on the sale. I think RL Forum better place to market even though it have a bad odor.

All the best!

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By Own Goal
I think Gretch has said it too but not yet added it. I see you also lost your badge, so you have earned the right to the sig line Points. I look at it like the Army's CIB blue badge. Someday it will have some creed in the hood!
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By Gator_86_951
I would take it off your hands, but it would for sure result in my untimely death. :lol:
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By Own Goal
Not yet running. I'll put up some pics and details tomorrow. All the parts to finish are there. Mostly connect all those hoses and wires. Exhaust on the bottom side needs to be installed ( 3" no cat with Borla & Tial 38mm wastegate. ).
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By Own Goal
All this stuff too. If its not yet on the car, its still in the box. Think of it as a jig saw puzzle with extra pieces. Its all there.
86 '951 White with Maroon interior. LSD Transaxle with cooler.
Fuchs 16" wheels.
Some of the stuff no prices. Have to find the receipts. Actually have most since it was new from prior owner. Odd history. Original owner worked for Chrysler back in the 80's. Got transferred to Europe and took it along. Never registered when there. Sat then shipped back to the US again.

Parts: 9,489.46

Motor: Automotive Machine Supply rebuilt short block 2,703.73 new
Steel sleeved. Stock pistons with dry coat film.
Surface deck. Polish crank. Balance.
ARP bolts.
Pilot bearing. All new Glyco bearings.

Turbo G-Pop Shop. Hot side KKK26. Compressor
Side Garrett housing with 44 trim wheel. Upgraded
thrust bearing. 670.00 new
Studs New Porsche head studs. Ian's Euro Parts 155.00 new
Front Belts Zimms all new belts and rollers etc. etc, 334.69
Clutch Zimm's plus 930 disc 546.66 new
Adjustable fuel pressure regulator ( used) 85.00 Used
Aluminum Flywheel 100.00
Injectors Stock sent to Witch Hunter 82.00
#54 after market set 120.00
Braided fuel lines 199.99 new
AEM UEGO widebank air/ fuel guage 214.95 new
MAF Vitese maf kit with SM6 controller 1,935.00 new
Lindsey manual boost adj. 64.95 new
Boot guage new
Lindsey silicone hose kit 144.95 new
tune up Rotor cap, dust cover, Reference sensor, rotor $128.00 new
Zimms plug wiring harness $80.00 new
waste gate Tial 38mm 200.00 used
adaptor plates 128.93 new
Exhaust 3" with Borla muffler 300.00 used
Misc Lindsey Turbo oil inlet filter kit new
Limdsey Vacuum hose kit new
Gaskets etc. 213.76
Lindsey steam vent kit 39.95 new
Exhasut hardware kit 49.50 new
Zimms Flywheel bolts new
Water pump safety bar and fasteners 50.55 new
Zimms sensor sleeve 49.95 new
Paragon Throttle body rebuild kit 33.83 new
Motor mount hot side 58.00 new
Texas Rubber; Braided stainless oil lines 99.00 new
New reference sensor new
Good used AC compressor - Lart used
Shocks Koni all around, fronts mounted already 361.12 new
Suspension Aluminum upper ball mount & suspenion clip 239.95 new
Engine bay cross brace 100.00 used
Extra head, extra cam etc.
Extra oil cooler.
New wheel bearings,ball joints, bushings new
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By amdavid
I want to throw you a bone, you did such a nice job representing your need for garage space. Unfortunately I have no space, or money, or the desire to give my wife something else to bitch, and bitch about. :)
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By Own Goal
FRom a strictly marketing view point, chances are you are not my intended target.
Regardless, thanks for the bone. That was something, right?
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By Own Goal
And...it's only like 15-20 minutes from the house. You know you want it....in fact, you Deserve it! Ever want to kick some tires, come on by. 377-114-1938. ( roads, not a phone #! )
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By sh944
Must. Not. Look.

I just sent my ‘87 951 down the road, I have no business jumping back in... but if I did, an ‘86 in white would be what I am looking for, except ixnay on the maroon interior.

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By amdavid
Invite Sean over, supply beer, cigars and an after work snort of whiskey when you FINISH that thing! Seems like you're "close"...why not..??

Who did the motor rebuild?
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By fpena944
If you still have it in the summer after we move back to NC then I might be looking for a DE/Track car at that time.
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By Cuda911
amdavid wrote: Wed Nov 11, 2020 12:26 pm Fernando, have you driven a 9 4 4 at speed, through corners...?
A 944....has anyone?
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By fpena944
amdavid wrote: Wed Nov 11, 2020 12:26 pm Fernando, have you driven a 9 4 4 at speed, through corners...?
Had a 944 S2 for several years before my 996. Only did autocross with it though, didn't get into DE until I got my 996. So yeah done some spirited driving but nothing too serious.

Here was my first P-car:
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By fpena944
amdavid wrote: Wed Nov 11, 2020 2:07 pm Ah yes, thanks for the refresh, you did share that earlier. I find the S2 so compliant and easy to toss around.
One of my former mechanics used to have a Chevy 350 in his 944. That thing was a monster on the track!
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By Own Goal
And......it’s still out there taking up space. Really like to make that area into a mini machine shop armory. :evilgrin:
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By amdavid
Questions were asked. Wondering who did the motor, I ask for good reason. It sure looks like you're most of the way there. Why not finish and get some actual money for it?
Own Goal wrote: Thu Nov 12, 2020 3:57 pm And......it’s still out there taking up space. Really like to make that area into a mini machine shop armory. :evilgrin:
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By Own Goal
AMS auto machine shop did the short block. The rest of the motor was my buddy Danny with my assist. Danny is my age and been a dealer and Indy P mechanic since a teen. We are 72 now, so done it awhile. If you were into air cooled or the CVAR series you would know him. Finish? 72 and arthritic. Just more mechanic work than I care to do.
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