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By FlatSix
Cleaning out the garage and came across a complete 11-volume set of Up-Fixin Der Porsche I got when PCA was offloading them.

Needless to say, I have not used them! :redface:

If anyone wants them, I'll send them to you for cost of postage. Otherwise, they will be sacrificed to the recycler unless someone has a better idea.

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By FlatSix
N_Jay wrote: Tue Jun 15, 2021 8:51 pm Others are more deserving, but if noone asks I am game.
First come, first served! PM me your contact info and I'll see how they fit in one of those USPS "if it fits, it ships" boxes.
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By N_Jay
I guess it is just one of those days.
So I stared flipping pages in Volume 2, since I have a 914.
Really, just let the book fall open, and the first article I see is by Bob Rassa; A name from way back when I first joined PCA in 1983.
I didn't think too much about it because as active as he was, I am sure he had many articles published,
Then a second flip, and there is an article from a person from my Orange Coast Region days, that I am proud to have been able to call a friend, George McClelland.
I am not sure if any of you knew George, but he had a daily driver 928 that took many concours trophies both locally and nationally.

Thank you so very much Jim, for a much needed memory jog!
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