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By bizman928
PORSCHE 928 S2/S4 Complete Luggage Cover / Cargo Cover - PET Part no: 928 555 083 037 0A
Complete with Fittings, Frame and Canvas material.
High Quality Canvas Material in BLUE UV resistant and Flame Retardant High Light Fastness!
Refresh your Old tatty Luggage cover Top quality product manufactured in the UK!

£273 + P&P - Shipping World-wide!

We have set up re-manufacture of the original 928 luggage covers for the 928 S2 & S4.
These are an exact replica of the original Luggage Cover design with the rear zipper to split the rear extension section for the back seats when down.
We get all the fittings from Porsche Germany for the frame.

See our website for more details or to order via Paypal. Woodypeck.com
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