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By bizman928
Porsche 928 USA LED Parking Light bulbs
USA 928 Side Marker Bulbs
 1 Pair bulbs - 2 bulbs
New Release - Latest Design!
BA 15s - 1156 - 5007 type - 10w Equivalent
Single Filament - Bayonet with 180° pins

These are a direct replacement for the USA Parking Light / Side Marker bulbs in our Porsche 928, 928 S, 928 S2, 928 S4
PET part no: 928-631-429-00
[Our CREE LED USA Parking Light bulbs also fit many other Porsche models]
These LED Parking Light bulbs replace the standard 5007 / 5008 type Osram/Sylvania light bulbs

Low Power consumption - Only 700 +-30mA current drawn
A Massive 1000 Lumens light output
Wide Voltage Range : DC 9V-30V
360 degree beam angle, no shadow area.
No wiring changes needed - just plug & play
1156 382 BA15s LED Equival
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By worf
After you install these do you need to bypass the bulb alarm module?

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