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By fpena944
Matt55 wrote: Wed Mar 10, 2021 9:01 pm Image
New cup cars looking good! They are as fast as they look with a 2:00 minute lap on the first day of testing! What a beast
I went last year but we have other things on schedule for this year. Take pictures and share!
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By worf
'bin watchin' VLN races. In particular 24h Nurburg '20 back to '16. Hope to see these beasties kick some Merc GT3 asses.
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By Gator_86_951
That is some real boner fuel right there. 2:00 around Sebring is hauling the mail for sure.
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By 911Königin
Have one at the track this weekend..........better know 'your stuff' if you are going up against it :surrender:
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