It's our birthday!!! One year anniversary!

Yes one year ago today there was a disruption in the universe that ended up in creating this community. As promised we have winners from our Birthday Scavenger Hunt.

Go to the following link to find out who and what the final answers were:

Click here!
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By 911Königin
Saw this come across my LinkedIn feed ~ definitely worth the watch :thumbup:
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By fpena944
Just watched this video and wow, the suspension and general construction of this thing is very impressive. It looks solid and REALLY makes my 996 seem quite antiquated.
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By worf
Watched about half of that so far. Got a chuckle. I’ll watch the rest later. Everybody’s all gaga about the double a-arm front suspension.

I was shocked the first time I looked at ‘modern’ Porsches with their non-adjustable strut-based single-arm suspensions.

Always wondered why they’d regressed from the height-adjustable double-a-arm suspension of their first clean-sheet road car.

Nevertheless, the new Cup Car looks awesome. And nice to see more 928 in it too. :roflmao:

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By Gator_86_951
Should be a great series. King Leh is a dr0ver too. That boy can wheel!
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