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I admit that I used to watch NASCAR every weekend, had season tickets at TMS and back about 10 years ago I just got bored with it. When I took my NASCAR nap AT THE RACE TRACK, I knew it was time to just quit watching it, and so I did. Today I was watching the last of the Indy quali and they went to the race at Daytona, using the Cup cars, on the road course. Starts in just a little bit but am kinda looking forward to watching it.

Has NASCAR started doing more true road tracks as opposed to ovals? They may have found a way to get me back in to it, if so.
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Post by jsabatini »

Negative on more road courses, because of the COVID they could not do Watkins Glen this year so they have substituted Daytona. Today's race has been entertaining but I agree with you, need to take a nap, put on a NASCAR race.
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