Aircooled 911s
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By jacke2c
A place for aircooled 964 owners to share their expertise...
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By amdavid
Someday again. Had a 91 Amazon Green C2 for a few years.
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By Marine Blue
Hopefully see some more activity here....
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By Rocket Rob
Me too.
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By JRMaroon
Not a 964 expert but will share the results of a lower valve cover replacement in the next few weeks.

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By sundog
I'm happy to answer any technical questions that come up. I've done a ton of rework on my 1991 Carrera 2, rebuilt engine, suspension, exhaust, many electrical things, and a ton of weird issues.
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By fpena944
Had a chance to buy a 1991 C2 for $17k back in 2008. Ended up with my 996 a year later but that 964 brought a smile to my face that no other vehicle has done since.
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By Rocket Rob
C4 vibration at 60mph - torque tube bearings?

I have vibration at 60mph. You can feel it at 40 and up to 90 but its worse at 60mph. I have tried two sets of wheels/tires without change. I have new axles and wheel bearings, shocks and shock mounts. New trans mount and the vibration remains. I have swapped my wheels/tires from my other car and the vibration remains and does not move to the other car. I'm running out of ideas on what else it could be.

Very frustrating. Wondering if the bearings in the torque tube are worn??? Has anyone had to change them? If so, what is involved in doing so?

Car is a 1990 964 C4 cab
Mileage = 262K

Thanks in advance

Sean, I know…. It’s a tough call.

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