996, 997, 991, and 992
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By Gregs04.5
Not sure if I should have posted in the 996 thread, or classifieds, or what, so @fpena944 move this if needed.

Anyhow, If need a part #, I do have a copy of the PET, and it shows the # for the motor, but not the plastic drive gear. Or, if anyone has one, or a lead for me, I'd be very grateful.
It's the white plastic gear in the pic below.

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By linderpat
is it a window motor?
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By fpena944
linderpat wrote: Sun Oct 25, 2020 9:51 pm is it a window motor?
Was going to ask the same. If all you need is the gear I would check on eBay and find a used one and take parts out of it.
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By Gregs04.5
I neglected to put in a description of the motor, it's the one that drives the spoiler on the decklid of the 996.
I should proof read my posts more often, especially for tech stuff.

The pic I used, I stole off of EBAY, there are several motors without gears, and one complete for somewhere around $100
That's a lot to pay for a plastic gear, my motors good, I only need the gear.

I believe I've found one, will know for sure next week, thanks for looking though.

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