996, 997, 991, and 992
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By fpena944
Yes I know I've discussed how much I hate to use valet in the past. But wife and I were staying at a beachside resort this weekend and had no other choice. Made sure the valet knew what he was doing as my car is a six-speed and he took off without incident. Thankfully with the loud exhaust my car has I could hear what he was doing.

Went to pick it up yesterday and had to wait a little bit extra time because only one of the valets knew how to handle a car with a clutch. When he came back he was all smiles and told me, "I'm so glad to see someone capable of driving and appreciating one of these classic Porsches! I hardly ever get the privilege of driving a stick so thank you!"

We exchanged some additional small talk about the car and he commented on how the newer cars took away a lot of the experience with the flappy paddles. I've never spent significant time with a PDK so can't comment but thanked and tipped him nicely for being a fan.

Although I still don't like to believe my car is a "classic" I appreciated his comments and enthusiasm. Made me a proud owner again since sometimes you take these cars for granted (especially since I'm going on 12 years having this one). :beerchug:
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By Gregs04.5
I get that alot at gas stations and such. People that know the car somewhat (2000 996) will ask about the color, as there are not too many like it. Color is Palladium metallic (pale gold) and was not offered as a stock color.
Other than that, for a 21 year old car, I get compliments on its condition.

Never had a valet drive it yet though.
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