Watercooled 911s
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By fpena944
If I did yoga I would use this as my relaxation soundtrack:

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By fpena944
amdavid wrote: Fri Jul 23, 2021 2:16 pm I really like that sound!.....I like yoga tights on attractive women much more than I like yoga itself.
I think the only reason straight men join yoga. :eyepop:

While I'm here a couple of questions about this dyno run...

1. Why the four-wheel dyno when the GT3 is rear wheel drive? Is it because today's cars won't function properly if all four wheels aren't moving in the same direction?

2. Why no fans to the front of the car? I understand the fans above the air intakes for the engine but what about the front where the radiators are located? Wouldn't you need something to keep the temperatures in check too?

Oh and the blue GT3 shown in the video is quite sweet too, love the stance on these cars - mine looks like a Safari model in comparison.
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By Don Smith
It sure looks like the Dyno rollers are all turning at the same speed.
You guys had me at yoga pants!!

Excellent graphic!

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