Four cylinder transaxle cars
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By SeaCay
There are quite a few threads at the other place regarding hatch/frame separation. The consensus seems to be that the usual methods just don't seem to work, with re-delamination of the hatch glass from the frame occurring too soon and too often.

So, does anyone have any insight/knowledge about any of these products from Henkel (Loctite company): ... e=Products

I believe a huge problem would be that if/when it failed, you'd have to throw the hatch and frame away if using one of the urethane adhesives. But if the project fails to begin with (using older technology) are you really not in the same boat anyway?

So, who has any inside info/experience with the above? ORRRRR, have you successfully resealed a hatch with another method?
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By BeerBurner
I tried sealing my hatch with no success (although I didn't do the proper "remove everything and start from scratch" approach). About 10 years ago, I got tired of the leaks and bought a strip of black, adhesive vinyl, popped the trim off the top, and just ran it across the top of the glass, wrapping it around the top of the frame, and put it all back together. It's starting to look a little rough if you pay attention to it but it's still working. At a casual glance, it looks like it's supposed to be there.
So, no, I didn't really "fix" it but it's good enough to make the leaks go away.

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