Cayenne, Macan, and Panamera
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By fpena944
Just got a letter from Porsche telling me that they've extended the warranty on my Cayenne Turbo's wheel sensors due to a defect that allows moisture to get in.

I actually had mine fail on me almost two years ago and had to replace them all.

Porsche has set up a site to handle reimbursements if you did have to replace these yourself. Here is the URL:

The password for Porsche is "sensor"

I just submitted my paperwork so hopefully will see the funds coming my way soon.

For those that didn't have yours fail yet, they've extended the warranty to a total of 10 years!
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By fpena944
amdavid wrote: Mon Nov 09, 2020 1:59 pm Mine failed as well, was covered on CPO.

Too many sensors on new shit, geez.
Yeah it's unbelievable how much junk is crammed into the Cayenne. Even though my 996 was considered to be "advanced" when introduced as a replacement for the air-cooled 911, it is literally devoid of ANY distractions outside of the radio.
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