Cayenne, Macan, and Panamera
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By fpena944
My Cayenne Turbo's rear wiper has been acting a little strange lately. It just starts up and then will stop right in the middle of it's cycle. Then I try to turn it off and it still doesn't really respond immediately.

I've heard that the wiper motor might need replacement when these types of issues come up. Anyone else had this happen? Has the motor fixed the issue?
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By DAVfoto
No issue with mine yet. Mine goes out of warranty in 3 weeks, so may try to have mine looked at week before New Years Eve.

I would probably think the motor is going out and it's shorting out or seizing up mid cycle.
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By fpena944
New motor came in last night but not sure I'll get to it today - maybe tomorrow and then I'll report back!
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