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I have both a 2018 Cayenne Turbo and a 2018 Macan Sport. The Cayenne has spent the last 6 weeks parked and connected to CTEK battery maintainer while my wife drove the Macan as I was recovering from COVID. A couple of days ago when I started driving the Cayenne again Google Earth had disappeared, all I would get was Google Earth Loading but nothing ever loaded.

There is some discussion on the other place that Google Earth is going away.

I just returned from my dealer where they told me maintenance can turn it on again for me and will call Monday to make an appointment.
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Had the car into the dealer today. According to the dealer Porsche NA announced today that yes there is a software/firmware problem. They will have a fix "sometime soon."
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Latest from PCNA via email this morning.

"Thank you for contacting Porsche in regards to your Google Earth. Unfortunately, Google Earth is temporally unavailable but should be back up and running soon. Google is working hard with Porsche on an update for Google Earth/Maps. Once updates are available your local dealership will be able to resolve the Google Earth concerns by doing a PCM software update. I do appreciate your patience during this time.

Our technical team states the dealers will have a PCM software update that should allow current clients with 2017-2018 Porsche vehicles to regain access to their Google Earth features.​​​
At the moment there is not a time frame on when this update will be available to the dealers."
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