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By Skyhawk172
So I took this project on 2 weekends ago pretty much a fail for me. I bought the pumps from Pelican Parts and used and even bought the the tool from amazon. Watched the video from the DIY 955/957 Cayenne DIY: Replacing the in-tank fuel pumps - Rennlist - Porsche Discussion Forums section. I also used the DIY section from Pelican Parts Porsche Cayenne Fuel Pump and Filter Replacement | 2003-2008 | Pelican Parts DIY Maintenance Article the pictures where very helpful.

I started on the driver side pump first thinking that if things did not go well i could put it back together and have it towed. So after taking out the fuel pump fuses and depressurizing the system as suggested in this link Porsche Cayenne Fuel Injector Replacement | 2003-2008 | Pelican Parts DIY Maintenance Article and disconnected the battery I went to work got the seat beat attachment bracket off and the access panel of that when the fun started broke the electrical plug attachment locking mechanism. and took about half an hour getting the fuel line clip out. then it was time to use the special tool to remove the retainer flange. After a few tries and losing a little skin I got the ring off and got access to the pump. It looked like an octopus trying to escape the tank with all the fuel lines. got all the lines unattached and got the pump off the attaching piont on the bottom of the tank and began removing it when i found out that i need to access the right side tank to disconnect a line from the other side so I could remove the old pump. At this point I thought I was doing ok on proceeding to the right side I found the first bolt holding the seat belt bracket stripped ( these pumps had been replace about 4 years ago and I don't think they replaced or they stripped it when reinstalling it). since it was the front one

I was able to get the rest out and used a mallet to turn the bracket out of the way to access the right tank. Now this time since I had already broke the first electrical plug and knew what to do this plug was easy to unplug. moving to the fuel lines there at 2 on this side and the first one came out with minimal effort but the next one is what caused me to fail at this project I work for what seem like an hour trying to get that clip out but in the process broke the back part of the clip off leaving the front part in and was not able to get the pieces out.

the black one is the culprit. By then my confidence to do this safely was gone. 

I was able to get it all back together again in about a hour and started it up so i could move it to better spot in the garage and to my surprise it ran. where as before it would only run about 10 seconds before it died. Don't know what I did to get it stay running but it did. Drove it to the Porsche dealer to have it repaired Told them every thing I did and broke. In the long game  I think I could have finished it  but my wife hates the thought of a car not being able to run and sitting in her garage
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By amdavid
Yeah, I choose not to deal with that when mine started showing signs of failure at about 140k miles. It was pricey to get it done but saved me said headache. I think once you've done it a few times it is definitely doable, but the learning curve is steep on this one.
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By Skyhawk172
It was just those fricking clips other than that i had it handled. since it was a fuel line I thought it to be prudent to make sure it was safe after breaking the clips and not being able to find a replacement.
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