GT, 918, and Taycan
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By linderpat
I wish I could have one. That is all.

Pretty quiet so far in the exotic forum :)
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By Skyhawk172
I think we need to define Exotics

Are they defined by price or by the people who own them?
If by price at what price point does it become Ecotics?

I tend to think any car over 1 mil is an exotic so not all Ferrari, Lambo's, or McLaren's are exotics
and as to who own them if they a bottle of Grey Poupon in the glove box they are Exotics.
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By SeanR
This one gets driven like they should. Shows up to a lot of the local events and on one drive he and I were bantering back and forth. I wanted him in front of me so I could hear his car, he and his passenger wanted to drive behind me so they could hear mine. Sadly, he stayed behind.

If I had unlimited funds, one of these would be in my garage.

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By linderpat
Damn that yellow is gorgeous. I love that primal shriek they make too. Nothing street legal sounds like that, not even an Enzo. My buddy has a guards red over tan one. He has offered to let me drive it, but I have so far declined. Too much exposure if I fuck up, and from what I hear of that "on/off" clutch, I could likely get in bad trouble real quick.
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By Cuda911
My friend's GT. I'm trying to work out a swap for my 914.

914's are soaring in value, so I expect to have the GT in my garage soon.
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Love, Love, Love, the GT. probably my all time favorite car.

Looking really good! You must be excited :)

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