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By SidViscous
So the 2005 Yukon has been having regular knock sensor errors, and it saw a movie about the Exxon Valdez spill and was inspired.

So I wanted to do valve cover seals and change the valve seals. Figured at this point I should pull the intake and do the knock sensors too.

Valve seals actually went better than i thought. I only dropped two valve retainer clips. One landed on the exhaust flange and just sit there. The other fell behind the exhaust manifold. After trying to pull the front driveshaft out to find it, while grabbing a tool I looked and saw it lying on the ground.

Then I only had to re-do the Captain side once because I figured where the intake valves are backwards.

But got it done, didn't drop a valve, didn't take too long.

Before I did that I pulled the intake. If you look at a Chebbie 5.3 pulling the intake looks intimidating. Turns out it's really easy. I pulled the injectors too, redid the o-rings and filters (That took two shipments). So then I got into the knock sensors. Should be easy right. They just screw down into the lifter valley. A harness bada boom bada bing.

Well I'm looking at them. One wire coming out, wonder how they do that. Now I know electronics. been around 35 years. More importantly sensors. I know sensors. I didn't think about it at all, but obviously the body is the ground, and so the threads obviously are the ground. But me looking to do it right, of course put loctite on the threads. That killed the electrical connection.

Fucked around for awhile till I realized what an idiot I was. Bought another set of sensors. Tried cleaning out the threads, installed them (Taking the intake off again). Still no joy.

So then the following week I tried to go with GM parts. Went to the GM dealer. Of course they don't have any. Bought another set of AC delco, and another harness. And an M10 tap to clean the threads. Trying to clean the threads apparently made it worse. Culdn't unscrew them. So I had to knock the sensor off of one and use an easy out. Managed to drive a screw through the other and get them out. Put the new sensors and a new harness in.

What I haven't mentioned is each time I'm sealing up the bung covers with silli-con-carne. So every time I have to take them out I have to dig them out and clean out the old sili-con-carne.

Okay get them in. Run the harness. Put the intake back on. Go run a test. Each time I test I drive about 35 miles up to Manchester with 25 miles or so of highway. Get up there and back, no error codes. Woo Hoo. So go to the carwash to clean off the bird crap.

Throws a code.


Get home, check it out, sensors are showing a short to ground. Fuck.

Bought new sensors, and a new harness. Pulled the intake off again. Good news I have it down to 20 minutes getting the intake off. Then I see what I did. Caught the harness under the corner of the intake. Squoze the harness down, heat eventually got to it melted through the insulation and shorted them out.

So I decided to splice in new wire and just do it that way. ran the wires out the front instead of the back, so not a pain the ass to work with. Luckily I got all the crap to do it, and protect the wires. Ran out, no codes, finally.

So just on the knock sensors.
3 different sets of knock sensors and harnesses.
Pulled the intake at least 4 times, honestly I think 5.

So better than usual for me. I think it only cost like twice what it would cost to have someone else to do it.

That's progress.

Reality is I did it because I couldn't find anyone to do the valve seals without pulling the heads. And now I can pull the intake in my sleep.
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By fpena944
NSXguy wrote: Mon Aug 16, 2021 8:57 am I just love jobs where you really hope the newfound skills you just learned never need to be used again :tongue:
Not only skills but often times tools that end up collecting dust until you have that ONE specific needs for it.

Excellent graphic!

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