It's our birthday!!! One year anniversary!

Yes one year ago today there was a disruption in the universe that ended up in creating this community. As promised we have winners from our Birthday Scavenger Hunt.

Go to the following link to find out who and what the final answers were:

Click here!
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By cwilt
Wow, I had no idea they were fetching that much. Hope your family member made some coins off it.
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By amdavid
Um yeah. I wasn't privy to how much, but I'm guessing an excess of 80k. :smiley:
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By Sazerac
Yeah, those NSXs are nice. I like the versions prior to the polycarbonate headlights.

It's like a sports car (instead of GT) version of the 928. Definitely in my list of top 10 favorites.
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By Gator_86_951
I remember back in undergrad when these things were like $15-20k maybe. A little too 90s for my taste.
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By Voith
Very nice example. I'd love to have one of these, extremely rare in yrop.

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