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By JimV8
Curious to learn opinions of tho two. It’s looking a lot like I’ll be permanently spitting my time between MX and CAN and seeing how my PB doggie can’t fly cargo I’ll need to drive. It’s 4400km each way so comfort and reliability are important. In MX the roads aren’t Pcar friendly and outside the big cities service is non existent. Nissan and Toyota’s are a dime a dozen here and plenty of parts distribution and talent and that’s what led me to Infiniti. The EX35 reminds me of an upscale Golf GTI and the FX35 reminds me of Cayenne. I like the idea of the EX35, a sports car in SUV clothing. Doing my due diligence and wonder if folks have experience with either of the cars. BTW, the roads down here beg to driven and The Law ain’t an issue.
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By XR4Tim
To the original question, I don't really have any experience with either, but I can comment on warranty claims. The only failure we see with consistency on the Nissan Murano and Rogue is CVT failure. I'm pretty certain that the Infiniti models use a real automatic transmission and not a CVT, so my guess would be that these are very reliable. I can't recall seeing a claim for an EX35 or FX35 any time recently.
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