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By Cuda911
Good thread. Highly informative!
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By Johnny Five
LOL, just wanted to get the AZN party started. 2015 Tundra 5.7 murdered out with 3” lift and Warn 6 ton winch up front. I’ll post pics later. Any of you red necks have a winch?
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By martyp
Gave up on Tundra when Toy abandoned small diesel plans. May end up with a baby Duramax, will see.
By Mitch9000
Love my Tundra. Best gas 1/2 ton truck on the market. It may not be the fanciest, but it’s reliable, comfortable, and capable.

I’ve owned 4, staring 2008 - the latest is a 2019.

I’ve also owned a 2016 Silverado duramax. Amazing truck and great for towing the sleds.
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By martyp
Yup, they are nice. I was on the Toyota truck bandwagon early with a '73 HiLux. Bought it used with a burned valve. Fixed that and replaced the timing chain/tensioners. Modded it with a cam, increased carb venturi size, and an exhaust. Oh and Formula Desert Dogs, lol. Stupid kid, great vehicle.

I was really hoping Toy, who I believe at one time owned the largest small vehicle diesel engine company in the world, would bring something to the US. Maybe they still might . . . or maybe all of the diesel-gate and related problems have convinced Toy to not brave it.
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By XtremeRaptor18
I haven't owned a Toyota since I left Idaho back in '10 (lifted but no winch), it's been Ford's and one Dodge since then, all 3/4 or 1 tons, mostly diesels until the Raptor came along.

I don't go places where I might need a winch since I'm typically well over a 100 miles from home up on a mountain at a cell site, alone, so getting back home safely is paramount.
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By Johnny Five
TRD dual exhaust
TRD airbox
3” lift with bilstein shocks
Warn Xeon 12000
TRD grill / headlights / badges
COTA track sticker shaves 87/100ths.
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By Johnny Five
I can drift the Tundra better than the GT3RS and BMW135i. It’s super easy and fun especially on wet roads. TUNDRA!
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By TheDeckMan
Finally decided it was time to replace the old GMC as it was becoming too much to maintain for all the work It did.

My old man has had Tundras since 2000 and has had nothing but great things to say about them. His current one is a 2010 TRD Rock Warrior with the TRD supercharger kit. It tows, it pushes snow and with 150k miles of abuse keeps on running.

Drove this Friday and put the deposit down on it, cannot wait to pick it up in a couple weeks.

2021 Limited Nightshade Edition
TRD Shocks
TRD Exhaust
TRD Sway bar

Getting a spray on bed liner, tonneau cover, Boss V-plow, leveling kit, strobes, 6” LED back ups, 18” TRD wheels with snows.
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