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By Mongo
My 1987 S4 has a small leak in the lower oil cooler line on the driver side. I was greeted by various part numbers for both lines connecting to the top and bottom of that side of the radiator. The leak is at the radiator side and has a slight weep when the engine is running.

Nevertheless, this is a potential fire hazard and a potential mess on my fully degreased bottom end. My car was manufactured in 10/86. 928 International shows both lines under the part number 92810703705. However, it looks like this part number goes up to 86.5. Auto Atlanta shows two different part numbers - 92810730107 and 92810730209. I'm baffled.

What are the part numbers to these two oil lines???
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By worf
The last two are for 87-89.

Auto Atlanta shows the first number for pre-87 which is correct:
http://www.autoatlanta.com/porsche-part ... ion=104-00

Unless your ’86.5 needs ‘87 lines. If that’s the case you want 301 07 and 302 08. You do not want the ‘90+ 09 hoses.
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By worf
Welcome Mark! :drink:

P.S. I don’t order stuff from Auto Atlanta. But, there website is functional.
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By Crumpler
Good to see Mongo and Mr928 over here!

So I did the up to 86 lines on my 86.5, I don’t think they were German, so they may have been Porsche, I can’t remember but I do remember the up to 86 lines being slightly shorter which resulted in having to clock the lines a little awkwardly but worked fine.

I have since bought block adapters from Pegasus Racing that convert to -AN fittings. Eventually I just ran them to 10 row setrab cooler. Different thread topic though.
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By jej3
Sh!t. Just realized I answered this thread on RL.

Good to know about Mark's service. Was not aware :)
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By ALKada
Had mine rebuilt in Dallas for $90.00 . Fully tested on high speed run to S. Dakota. I was told hoses were Mercedes Benz hoses. I told them any German would do... ;)
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By jej3
jej3 wrote: Fri Nov 13, 2020 11:45 pm Sh!t. Just realized I answered this thread on RL.

Good to know about Mark's service. Was not aware :)
Well... I had the fun of poking the bear (GB) over on RL. Never a dull moment when he reacts to someone praising another vendor over him.
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By Crumpler
I just saw this.
Well said.
I used to think it was holier than thou, self importance, that kept him going. Now I wonder if it’s just insecurity, the need to poop in everyone else’s stuff.
If I had a nickel for every time I had to hear how busy he is, and yet has time to seemingly patrol the forum all day?
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By jej3
He's fully coming unhinged. I'm a bit sad about it but sad for the loss of a person who was helpful and became hell bent on the world stealing his ideas (you know, like rebuilding OIL COOLER hoses).

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By jej3

I don't like GB but he's not here to defend himself so I'll not say anything more than "I'm not a fan"
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