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By maddog2020
off the shelf touch up paint and fill the indentations 8-10 coats keeping it level let it dry several days and the paint will shrink as it drys. when you can't see the indentions anymore sand it smooth and then us a spray on clear coat. It's labor intensive but looks nice when you get it done. I did the same for the 6 speed pattern after the 6 speed conversion.
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By linderpat
maddog2020 wrote: Mon Nov 23, 2020 5:53 pm I have one that I hand painted and clear coated.
Damn that looks good. How hard is it to pop that insert out without breaking the tabs?
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By maddog2020
I have 2 that I painted. One has the tabs broken off, and I gave that to someone locally, and it has been on the shifter for a while now. They are pretty hardy. If you know there are tabs its pretty easy to get it out. The challenge is getting it out without tearing up the leather unless you decided to break the insert to sacrifice it to keep from damaging the leather. I put way to much time and thought into such a small detail on the 928. This one was from a new GTS knob so I know it's not 30 years old.
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