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By AirtekHVAC
Is it possible to copy an entire thread from RL and post it here? I would love to get the threads on my (3) cars over...might make some good reading for some noobies.

The only way I can think is start a new thread with links to RL, but that seems counter productive.
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By fpena944
AirtekHVAC wrote: Tue Nov 24, 2020 8:28 pm Is it possible to copy an entire thread from RL and post it here? I would love to get the threads on my (3) cars over...might make some good reading for some noobies.

The only way I can think is start a new thread with links to RL, but that seems counter productive.
Well there are ways but if they get wind of it they might unleash the lawyers for content/copyright violation. I'd have to study their TOS and see but I'm sure since they're owned by a big corporation that they're protecting their content.

Now if you're copying and then modifying/updating the content to post here, then technically it is new content.
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By worf
AirtekHVAC wrote: Tue Nov 24, 2020 8:28 pm The only way I can think is start a new thread with links to RL, but that seems counter productive.
It isn't so much counter productive as it is zero sum. You wouldn't have copied anything. If the RL mods decide to edit your posts on RL then they are, in effect, edited here as well. And you're just driving traffic to RL instead of making it sticky here.

With respect to the legal issues of copy and paste (and variants there of) IANAL, but I've paid them tons, and tons, and tons over the years and like to think some of it rubbed off. But, El Jefe's opinion is what counts. It's his circus. We're just the monkeys.
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By worf
I write the above and realize that my inspection guide (see link in signature) might just be a test case.

Of course, when I hosted it on Dunkle's RL's member webs, I didn't read the TOS. Its cover reserves copyright except for personal use. So, while I may not have violated Dunkle's TOS in 2009, it would be in violation of IB's RL's TOS now. Technically. Since it is copyrighted material.

Now that I've "removed" it from RL, RL might claim that I've destroyed some small portion of their IP.
However, in violation of their TOS, I never assigned them copyright. So, is it their IP?
And, it's not actually removed from RL. I just removed the URL from my signature. They are free to put the URL in a footer or header on every 928 forum page.

That would be cool. Then I could send them a nasty short letter.

I can't recall reading El Jefe's TOS. So, maybe I'm in violation here too.

Fun fun...
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By Cuda911
I can't remember how to do it, but there is a way to download an entire RL thread as a document. At least that's what someone told me. I can ask him how if you want.
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By Shifted
If you want to play within their sandbox, so to speak, you can use the "show printable version" feature under Thread Tools:
And then select "Show 500 posts..."
That's built into their forum software and available to random Internet users who aren't registered. From there, you can cut and paste that content wherever you want.

When it comes to IP, having no small amount of experience in this area, remember that you have to cause harm, or intend to cause harm, in order for it to violate IP rights. Unless, of course, you've signed a contract that explicitly prohibits an action that you're taking. Causing harm means, in layman's terms, making money off of something that they would have made money off of. For example, if you copy a patented invention, but only do it for your own personal use and never sell it, then you're not violating their IP rights. However, if you create copies for friends and they compensate you in any way, you're violating IP rights because the other company could have sold the product to your friends but you've "harmed" their income. You can sometimes get away with it if it's a gift, in some circumstances, but often that will also qualify as IP right infringement.

My point is that if you posted something on RL, and then you cut and paste your own content to another forum, you're not violating normal IP infringement standards. However, if the owner of this forum does it on someone's behalf, or if he provides instructions on how to do it and/or encourages it, then they're infringing on IP rights because this website can now attract advertising and membership fees that the original site would have gotten.

There is a lot more to it than the above, but that's kind of a condensed primer.

So, using IB's thread tools to save a printable version of the entire thread and then posting it here, is probably not going to be ok since it includes the comments of others, not just your own posts. However, if you save that thread to your computer, then edit out all of the posts from other people, and then post that stripped down version that only contains your own posts, then that's probably ok. Probably. At the least, they would have a tough time finding solid ground to stand on.

To the original poster of this thread, I would recommend that you download a printable version of the threads in question, just to make it easier to get your content, then use an editor to pare it down to just your own posts. Then cut and paste that condensed version into a new thread. Removing all IB related formatting. You can click in the main body of the web page, then hit "Control-A" to select all, then "Control-C" to copy it and then "Control-V" to paste it into a new document. Edit from there. When you're happy with it, create a new thread and paste the edited content into the new thread.
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By fpena944
Just an FYI that I'm still using the default version of the TOS that came with the forum. I have not crossed that bridge yet but when I do it will include language to help protect the original poster and Open Road alike.

If you do have a lot to post, let me know and we'll set up an ideal format for it.
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By AirtekHVAC
Wow, all great info. Sure don’t want to open a can of worms, just wanted to make sure the threads were available. I like the idea of stripping it down to just my posts, but seems like a lot of extra work and time lost that would be better served wrenching on the cars!

Maybe put the thread link and do a continuation? I dunno...
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By Crumpler
That’s a good idea Ron.
But I kinda liked the idea of stirring the pot too.
You should post over there asking how to transfer all your info here! That would be fun to watch.

I don’t know if I have relevant threads over there that would help anyone, truth be told. Most of them were me showing people how to not do stuff, dumpster fires, lol.
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By Crumpler

Erik walks among us.

You gotta admit you miss us a little ;)
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By ladybug83
As someone who likes following your projects, I’d hate for you to have to move everything, sounds like a chore. A link with continued progress would be great though
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By maddog2020
I would have loved the ability to export my technical info and post it elsewhere, it was far easier to delete it and let it dissipate into the ether. I just quit posting anything of value there. (sorry Erik) That place is dead to me. I use it for archive purposes only to find something that I couldn't remember all the details about but remembered there was a thread about it.

Erik doesn't walk among us. He lurks like a ghost in the machine. :bowdown:
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