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By Shifted
I've seen comments come up about how to fill the differential. Below are photos of what I use. The frame is a bit overdone, for sure. But, the main components are easy enough to piece together and mount other ways.

There is a fluid transfer pump, a pressure switch, a suction hose, a fill hose, a ball valve on the end of the fill hose, power switch(es), AC/DC converter, relay, fuse, and an LED that comes on when the pump is running. The pump is not designed for gasoline, but otherwise can handle just about any fluid. Including diesel, oil, hydraulic fluid, etc.

I use it for filling all kinds of things. Hydraulic fluid in a telehandler, gear oil in differentials, transfer cases, refilling smaller oil containers from 5 gallon buckets, etc. The pressure switch cuts off the pump when the ball valve is closed, so it doesn't burn out or burst something. I put the suction hose in a container, turn on the pump, and then can control the flow with the ball valve on the end of the fill hose. After the ball valve is a short section of smaller diameter hose that fits in the fill hole of just about anything, the 928 differential included. The suction hose works on the small 1 liter gear oil bottles, but I also use it on large gallon buckets as well.

Because drips are inevitable when working with oil, I keep it in a plastic storage bin, and just remove the top of the bin when I use it.

When I'm done with each session, I remove the suction hose from the source, put the fill hose into the source, and let the pump push out everything it can. There is always a very small amount of residue left over, but not enough to worry about getting into other things. On the very few occasions where I don't want even the tiniest amount of mixing, I'll flush it with a little of the source fluid.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any photos of the pump in use. I built this over 4 years ago and love it. A big time and frustration saver tool for me.

Maybe this will inspire a similar idea for someone else that is tired of hand pumps, turkey basters and other messy methods of getting fluid into hard to reach fill ports.

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By Shifted
The frame is pretty sturdy. Definitely over built, but not my best welding by far. That was 100% fusion welding, no filler, and was one of my first welding projects.

I'm a little more proud of this brush guard:
And the welds on it aren't perfect, but pretty decent for one of my early projects:
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