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By Fox_
I've got an annoying vibration/feedback in the steering wheel at around 80mph.

All four wheels have been road force balanced on a hunter machine.

I'd lost tape weights on the rears. That fixed a vibration I was getting from the rear, now my attention is focused on the front. To me, it's very specifically coming from the front and through the steering wheel. The vibration due to the lost tape weight in the rear was noticeably different.

I'm going to check the wheel bearings again this afternoon.

Had anyone else solved a similar issue?
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By worf
Fox_ wrote: Sat Dec 26, 2020 2:53 pm Had anyone else solved a similar issue?


Download my inspection guide (URL in signature block), follow directions for testing ball joints for steering rack and a-arms.

You’ll need ramps, or a 4-post and a helper; Suspension *must* be loaded.

My bet is worn inner tie-rod ball joints and alignment.
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