Welcome all 928 forum refugees!
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By Geza-aka-Zombo
My lovely wife got me service covers for Christmas - anyone else get a 928 gift?

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By linderpat
Nice. She posted that on rennlist. You’ve got a good wife :thumbup:

I got no 928 specificgifts. Still, had a great Christmas
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By worf
I guess a fourth set of lift bars from Ken counts as my 928 Christmas gift.
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By Shifted
How about birthday (today)? My wife gave me an original mint condition magazine from 1987 with an article on the 928. And, an original ad from 1978 with the 928 front and center. Original. Mint condition.

These are scans of them.


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By Crumpler
A Christmas baby?!
I did not know. Happy birthday.

Ok that’s pretty cool. Obviously she gets it, unlike my spouse. :)
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By Shifted
Thank you :)

My wife definitely gets me. She pays a lot of attention to what interests me and is very supportive of my endeavors. Without her, there is no way that I could have accomplished a fraction of what I have. She also assists me whenever/however she can, or just hangs out with me and keeps me company while I work on things. I do the same for her. The 928 is one of the few things that is mostly for me (although, she really enjoys it also). Just about everything else is mutual and we work on most things together, except for a couple of things that are mostly for her. I thank God every day for bringing us together. She's amazing.
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