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By maddog2020
There is a lot of discussion back and forth about boge's vs bilstin's vs koni. When you get into springs you can stay stock or go with eibach progressive rate springs. If you want to stay with a normal linear rate spring there are tons of choices out there in springs but when it comes to complete kits there is only one, and its not really complete bolt on or is complete. It requires you to stack adapters on top of the aftermarket springs and ends up looking like the coilover is wearing a hat.

Couple of things to keep in mind if you go this route.

1st and formost. Koni uses a 12mm 1.25 thread pitch. Every other 12 mm bolt on the 928 is 1.5 thread pitch. segregate your nuts and know which are which. Be ready to buy some additional spacers and do some cutting on the factory spring perch if you want to have a decent looking setup. It really would be best if a vendor would come up with upper spring perches that didn't require you to stack a stock perch on top of the aftermarket spring perch. I've had 2 different people ping me on facebook about their coilover kits that they purchased fully assembled that were missing parts. I recently discovered that I was missing some spacers and that requires that I pull the front struts and redo the assemblies.
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By worf
Lemme guess? Carl’s hypercoil/koni kit?

In any case I agree that fitting Konis takes a lot of extra work regardless of what spring you’re using.
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By SeanR
What extra work do Koni's require? Besides setting them how you want them and boring out the dust cover to 1/2" to allow it to fit, what else is needed? I've installed several dozen of them. I think the Koni's are the best choice for our cars. Hate Bilstiens and the Sachs are too soft, for me anyway.

I've had to dick with Carls kits enough to know what it takes to make them work and have yet to have a customer who was happy with them. I won't install anything he has had his hands on as it is, and have been turning away cars that have that crap installed on them.
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By maddog2020
koni's are easy. koni's with Carl's kit, not so much. spacers and stacking the "new spring perch with the old one right on top of it is kind of stupid. I wanted a little stronger spring package but his 600 front and 400 rear is the wrong place to start. I went with a 400 front and 250 rear which is just a little more aggressive than stock. The eibach springs changing rate in the middle of cloverleaf turns was the main reason I hated them. Any decreasing radius turn would cause the eibach springs to create a wiggle form the rear of the 928 mid turn. no Bueno. There is alot more generic 2.5 spring perches and spring base out there now as well. I also always hated the porsche threaded collars. to fine of thread. makes adjusting a bitch. I'll have the fronts back out tonight, so I can see how to get away from using the factory spring perch on top of carls clapped together stuff.
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By SeanR
Yea, the spring rates he provided are nuts. And I agree on the Eibachs, I think Rogers GTS is the only car still running them in my customer list and he has Bilstiens, took years for them to "break in" to the point it was somewhat tolerable. I had them with Boge and disliked everything about the ride and handling so put the stock springs back in, then swapped over to Koni's with 3 dot springs and love 'em.

Colin was sharing the info on what you can buy at 1/3 the cost of Carls kit that actually works. I have to say removing/installing those kits is much easier on the front.
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