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By Shifted
It's been on my mind for a bit that since my car doesn't use the stock fan controller or amplifier, the temperature sensor on the top of the intake shouldn't be doing anything.

The sensor is really a switch, not a true temperature sensor. My thought is that I can replace it with a real sensor, and then wire it to a gauge in the cockpit to monitor intake temperatures real time.

Has anyone else done that?
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By maddog2020
I wouldn't bother. All you are really going to get from a sensor on the intake is the heat soak temperature of the metal intake. you would be better off adding an air temp sensor to the air stream to show the real air temp. better yet wire it to the ecu if yours has that function and it will data log it and adjust the tune based on the actual air temp.
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By worf
What SG said. If you want to measure intake *air charge* temperature you need a fast-reacting sender in the *air* stream.

If you want to measure intake *metal* temperature then the current switch location is fine.

In general, for a NA motor charge temperature should be lower than “metal” temperature.

In a boosted application you’d like it to be...
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By worf
Shifted wrote: Tue Jan 05, 2021 3:55 pm There are a couple of older and very informative threads on Rennlist that yielded results different from yours.
Post the links; i’ll look at’em.
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