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By ROG100
Billet Fuel Pressure regulator to replace the original Porsche 928 110 198 25
(was 928 110 198 04) current list price of $638.
Product is "Plug & Play" and the insert is a standard Bosch part. If the insert needs to be replaced in the future they cost circa $30.
Designed & Developed by NLA Products in Atlanta. NLA Products is owned by Kevin Berez.
Price $199.95
More FPRs & Dampers available soon.

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By Geza-aka-Zombo
I was following the development of this product closely. Looks like a nice piece of kit!

Curious as to what is deemed patentable, though?
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By MFranke
Looks very nice Roger. What is the main difference to an '87?

It seems Porsche was going through ongoing changes in 1987 with the fuel plumbing.
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By worf
MFranke wrote: Wed Jan 27, 2021 7:22 pm Looks very nice Roger. What is the main difference to an '87?
Early ‘87 uses high pressure clamp rather than threaded ball-seat connection at regulator. *AND* fuel cooler connection is reversed male/female from ‘88.
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By captainOCD
I've been looking forward to these as well, particularly options for an 86.5 to run porken's chips.

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