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By JaredB
Fact, these leak and we know it. There are fancy silicone gaskets available for these, I’m not a fan. Had a friend with a 944 use one and the bolts backed out and it started to leak again. I fixed his, the way I fixed mine on my 944 and my 928. I use the standard cork type gasket, clean all the mating surfaces of old gasket material, wipe the surfaces down with brake cleaner, apply aviation gasket sealer to head and the cover, apply the gasket to the cover then install on the back of the head and torque the bolts, wipe off the excess sealer before it dries. I’m sure there are others who will chime in on other methods that work as well. Hope this helps someone out.
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By checkmate1996
Yeah- for the rears I was less concerned about having silicone gaskets. The cork was fine and will last another 30 years...
By Daniel5691
So this is really interesting to me, I am right at the stage where I am replacing both of those seals...
I picked up a set of seals from Roger, they are not silicon but an updated material, I will post up pictures later today if I ever get out of work ha ha
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