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By checkmate1996
I am working on a 79 that needs the driver CV axle replaced. The current axle has part# 928 332 026 03 which has the hub bolt carrier on both sides of the axle (top picture). I had an 82 laying around in good shape but its the lower picture. I am guessing they aren't but I thought I'd atleast ask...
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By checkmate1996
Ok - I was able to answer my own question. I decided to yank the old one off since i removing it anyway. After I unbolted everything AND removed the drive shaft , the flange hub just slid right out. I compared the flange and the newer style shaft and everything was pretty much identical. To install, I had to lower the rear exhaust so I could get a straight shot in the wheel hub and the splines wouldn’t bind. Once in, I put the washer and nut and pulled the rest of the shaft through the wheel hub. I used the original bolts off old shaft and buttoned everything down. Took it for a spin and everything was great! :burnout:
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