It's our birthday!!! One year anniversary!

Yes one year ago today there was a disruption in the universe that ended up in creating this community. As promised we have winners from our Birthday Scavenger Hunt.

Go to the following link to find out who and what the final answers were:

Click here!
Welcome all 928 forum refugees!
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By checkmate1996
Hey All - I'm working on restoring an 85 euro to find out that the fuel regulators were replaced with a Kirban and the original hard line that goes to the fuel cooler is missing. This hard line also has the CPS holder welded to it. I'd like to go take it back to stock if possible. I can buy a new one but I'm trying not give away my first born. Anyone have this laying around in their basement or garage? Much appreciated!
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By worf
Did you try 928 International?
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By checkmate1996
yes. no dice....
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By checkmate1996
Ok -upon further looks like Mark DOES have one. It cross references with 83-84 US LH....
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