8 cylinder front engine iconic vehicle
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By Fox_
Sometimes shifts are smooth and firm, sometimes it slams the :cussing: out of it. Downshifts, 3 to 4, are harsh sometimes too.

No pattern, no consistency.

What I've done:

Replaced the vacuum line that runs from engine to regulator
Checked the vacuum while running, tee'd in a mityvac, normal.
Changed the fluid/filter.
Adjusted the regulator.

Now it's starting to get hesitant on the upshifts.

Low RPM shifts and WOT shifts are fine, normal driving shifts suck.
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By Schocki
Check the vacuum regulator itself. You can replace it with a new upgraded MB unit. Roger should have them.

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By Fox_
Modulator holds a vacuum well, beyond that I don't know.

I'll look at it. Thanks.

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