Welcome all 928 forum refugees!
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By Sazerac
Thanks, Geza-aka-Zombo!

Very nice video. I wasn't aware about the similarities of the early Corvette and the 928. In general, I have maybe an unusual perception of the 928. The static design of the car is in some ways not very attractive to me. However, the 928 in movement is very appealing I find.

Here is another very interesting article about 929 design:
https://www.hagerty.com/media/opinion/v ... he-928-s4/

Maybe we should make this thread the library of found 928 design analysis?

PS: don't hesitate to put your real name in your signature to prevent us from butchering "Geza-aka-Zombo." Mine is John, but Sazerac is fairly easy... :-)
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By linderpat
Very good video Geza, I hadn't seen that one before. I'm glad the guy said that he doesn't know one way or the other about the Pacer influence, because I hate that debate. The Pacer was not an influence, and in fact, the basic design of the 928 was penned before the Pacer was designed and built. Tony Lapine's son, in an extensive thread on Rennlist on the 928 design, confirmed this. I'll take the word of a guy who sat around the dinner table with the designer over anyone else every time.

There are a number of very good resources if you want to go way down the rabbit hole on the design of these cars. I have. I love the design, and in fact I think it is truly one of the most beautiful cars ever made. I thought so back in the late 70's as a kid when I first saw them, and I still think so today. A couple of the better ones are Brian Long's 928 book, a couple of the early issues of Pete Stout's 000 magazine (which go very deep), and of course Projekt 928.
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By Fox_
Compare the 928 to other cars of the era. Especially American ones.

An interesting car today, but must have been striking in it's day.
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By Stepson
First one I ever saw was a brand new white 1979 in Napa that had no spoilers at all. Just rounded streamlined curves, and that magnificent V8 rumble that sounded like thunder. Heard the 928 when the family parked for the night at the Napa Motel where i was staying and woke up early the next morning to a sea of Chrysler K-cars and the one spaceship that was the 928.
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By Addlight
I was ten years old when 928s started popping up in Southern California. My dad was an aerospace engineer, and he and his colleagues were so excited by it, its look and all the technology. He would bring me home articles about the new 928.

Seeing them on the street was like seeing a spaceship, it looked so smooth and so different from anything else. And as a 10-year-old the headlights boggled my mind. First, those are cool. Second, why did they do that? Third, why isn't anyone else doing that? I remember the new ones having a decal in the quarter window that declared they were the European Car of the Year.

Sidenote: there was an engineer who worked with my dad who had a Porsche 904, and my dad said he would occasionally see it in the parking lot. The man's name was Nicholas Begovich, and he recently bequeathed it and the rest of his vehicles to Cal State Fullerton.

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By checkmate1996
Thanks for sharing. I remember as a kid, the rumor was the 928 could defeat RADAR because of all the round design!! :biggrin:
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