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By hans14914
The Schweinefiletring is a 175mile drive over public roads in southern Indiana that is a near 10x scale of the Nürburgring. Details on the drive can be found here:


The plan is to meet on Saturday, June 26th at 10:00am in Bloomington, IN for coffee at Crumbles:

Crumble Coffee & Bakery
532 N College Ave
Bloomington, Indiana 47404

We will then do the full 175mile drive and end up a block from where we started at Upland Brewing for dinner and drinks.

Please arrive with a full tank of gas before the drive. Feel free to invite any automotive enthusiast that would like to join. We will need a headcount, so please shoot me an RSVP for anyone planning on joining.

Also, please indicate if you would like to actively participate in the contest, or just run the drive. It was suggested that if we enter the contest, the team name Trufflehunters be used, as a nod to the mighty 917 road racer.

I hope you can make it!

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