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By The Fat Man
Gentlemen, and whatever ladies have the poor taste to be present,

I have recently learned that the Bowden cable O-ring for 1983-86 A28.** transmissions is NLA. Or at least I can't find it from the usual suspects.

Soo...I have dug out my spare and got some dimensions.

999 701 664 40: 1983-86
Mercedes 0119972248?

19.05mm OD
14.28mm ID
2.33mm cross section

Metric 2.4x14.6 O-Ring may work: 19.40mm OD, 14.60mm ID, 2.4mm cross section

19.05mm = 0.75" = 3/4"
14.3mm = 0.5629" = 9/16"
2.3mm = 0.0905" < 0.0938" = 3/32"

SAE #113 O-Ring may work: 3/4" OD, 9/16" ID, 3/32" cross section

If and when I figure out how to post photos here, I will do so.
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By The Fat Man
OK...surprised that worked. I will now attempt to add more photos.
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By The Fat Man
Sweet! Then this is a non-issue. Thanks!

Excellent graphic!

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