8 cylinder front engine iconic vehicle
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By maddog2020
From TOS. Used 944 billet hubs that are 15mm shorter, and had the front spindles machined to the 944 dimensions and profiles. Next up was rotor hats.

Takes 15mm off the front offset which I needed.


what this does is move the hub mounting surface inboard 15mm on each side allowing more options for wheel offsets. I have Fikse 18x9 with a 265 tire width, and almost ever Fikse wheel would stick out past the fender. I never had any issues with hitting the fender but the scrub radius was off, and was always worried about contact. since the Fikse wheel centers have very thick spokes, and I have the Brembo Ferrari F50 front calipers I couldn't use the full 15mm and had to go with 11mm.
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