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By bizman928
Noting that there are several long posts on this subject of Delrin Steering Rack Bushes from the other site - we have been exiled from - which included some posts from many now over here on the Open Road. I thought I would share our ideas which drove me to come up with this new design.

My 928 S4 MY88 used to tramline like mad and I always wanted to upgrade to the Delrin type steering rack bush. However, after reading many articles on RL and the Jenkins site in NL I thought I would look to come up with a hybrid design taking on some of the constructive comments many had made.

- I was not happy with the fact that the Delrin only bushes were clamped up tight to fix them in place and knowing that Most plastics creep under load, thus allowing vertical movement of the rack. I didn't want my rack to become loose and float uncontrollably causing tramlining again. Putting me back to square 1 again.

- I wanted to comply with the original OEM design as closely as possible - just wanting to remove the oil attack on the rubber causing OEM failure

- I noted reports on ovality of the Delrin only bushes from various posts on RL which was a concern.

So we came up with a Stainless steel centre spigot which allowed the bush to be clamped up similar to the original OEM bush.
The Delrin bushes would be compressed slightly so as to restrict upward/vertical movement but not enough to cause creep and ultimate failure.
The Delrin bushes would give better longevity versus the original OEM rubber bushes under oil attack.

I appreciate these will not be to everyone's preference and all current version available, Delrin only, Solid Aluminium or OEM original all have their place and merits. I just wanted to share how we came about to this design which Woodypeck.com are now offering.

Welcome any discussion around any of these points. Just our take on the 928 Steering rack bush designs.

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By bizman928
If anyone is interested in how to remove the old rubber steering rack bushes then our partner Richard Armstrong of Ritech Ltd. fitted our POM-H Upgraded Steering Rack Bushes and made a video as he was installing them - check this out!

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By potdog
These are over enginered and over priced ,saying that the hybrid design stops vertical movement . The Stainless steel insert only locks the rack same as Soild Aluminium will do the same as will Delrin have been used for may years thanks to Roger.

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