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By Jeff Spahn
What a way to post on OR for a long time site that shall not be named member. :frown:
So I have sadly come to the conclusion that I don't have time to be a responsible shark owner any more. I don't drive it like it needs to be driven. I did for 8 years use it for a daily driver and can tell you its a great car for that.

$35,000 OBO

The what:
1990 928S4. 159,000 miles 50,000 miles or so on a top end rebuild (heads off, decked, new piston to replace one that was bad). Greg Brown walked me through the head install and apparently it was right because I ran it boosted for the last 35,000 miles (that supercharger is gone and on Polecat's car in Vegas. Drove my 928 out there 1200 miles put it on his car and drove mine home)
You can (and I have many times) jump in this car and drive 1000 miles with zero worries.
What have I done to the car during my ownership of last 10 years.

Constantine custom drive shaft, superbearings, superclamp 7 years ago (flex plate hasn't moved)
Custom stainless laser cut condenser saver installed in case headlight arm comes off so it won't destroy condenser.
Greg Brown super damper
New Robb Budd steering wheel re do
Porkensioner (on second piston now after water pump and timing belt last year due to age not miles)
New shocks and springs (boge and I can't remember spring rate) done at Roger Tyson's place in Texas with Sean
New trans mounts last year
New motor mounts
Stud kit on oil pan, no more bolts backing out!
New ignition amps
Flappy for radiator disabled and zip tied
New radiator (behr factory radiator and Rob Edwards factory stickers on top)
Top end refresh with all new hoses, coils, caps, rotors, plugs, wires (Beru)
Engine out to put new head gaskets in and a new number one piston (balanced to .01g of original). Bearings were perfect at the time as I pull the caps and looked
Engine bay scrubbed clean at the time of removal
New FOE harness from Sean Ratts
New KUHL R134 conversion with expansion valves (front and rear). System is cold and rear air works well
Custom dash for double din sony xav apple car play stereo, yes i still have the analog clock
Custom thin film window switches
All tools in tool kit along with spare and pump
Rear hatch dynamated (except over options sticker)
Shark fin antenna on roof
Full center console rewire. All connections redone and all wires behind center console labeled with label maker. No DIY crap here. Made custom plug and play connectors for Stereo system
Door handles reinforced with Roger's kit.   Handles and armrests are solid!
NEW PSD system from Roger (price one once and then when you stop crying be glad its done)
Tie downs on rear links so you can trailer it
Front bash guards so you won't break off your alternator
New alternator
New power steering reservoir
Basically every hose under the hood replaced.
Greg Brown did master cylinder and brake booster when PO had it.
Greg Brown replaced transmission around 75,000 miles at his shop.
Pod removed and all bulbs replaced and connections refreshed with Deoxit
New ignition switch when pod out
Ignition protection circuit bypass relay installed (from Roger).
Sensors for ignition system moved per Porsche specs to alternate locations and are intact.
Block drains have been opened when coolant drained. Changed every two years.
Oil analysis done by Blackstone at every oil change. Engine is in exceptional condition.
X pipe installed (with O2 sensor) Have factory cats.
New windshield
Euro H4 headlight conversion. You can actually see at night!
When car repainted new rubber seals on windows, sunroof and piping at front and rear bumper
New rear tail lights. Bumper modification done to allow water to drain behind them. No cracks or crazing.
New fog light lenses. No chips or cracks.
New steering rack
Rebuilt rear half shafts
Custom carbon fiber cross brace.
New thermostat and seals
New fuel damper from Roger last year (look up those prices and puke!)
Ground points regularly cleaned and deoxited.
CUSTOM FLARED REAR FENDERS TO MATCH FRONT FLARE (a weak spot of the 928 design) .........COST OVER $11,000 FOR PAINT JOB! Paint 9.5 out of 10
Probably more **** I am forgetting that was really expensive and I replaced because it needed it. I can get a purchase history from Roger Tyson.
What else comes with the car:
Factory cats- so you can make it 50 state legal.
Extra set of slotted wheels that were chromed by dealer in 1990 with brand new all season tires on them. Used these in winter. Yes, drove this in deep snow. Get around well.
Extra set of seats (8 way power that were original) Have leather 12 way power in there now
Extra set of brake pads for front
a vacuum pod for recirc flappy (see below)
Full set of printed and bound shop manuals. I used these to work on the car so yes they are dirty. Special printed top end refresh manual as well
Tester to test intake for vacuum leaks
Original coolant tank because I have a custom aluminum coolant tank
Battery tender and connection hard wired to car
set of VW polo low profile wipers to make low profile wipers on shark (needs you to do a little creative cutting and welding on the arms)
Full maintenance records from almost day one of car ownership in 1990 with handwritten sheet showing all work and dates and mileage. Printout from 928'sRus with all parts purchased.

Now you'll ask what is wrong. Well four things and they are very minor
had remote locking installed, it has a mind of its own and probably should be replaced
flappy for a/c recirc is bad, I have it but haven't installed.
No smog pump. Up to you to locate one. no cats to hook to anyway.
Rear hatch release doesn't work. Gave up trying to make it work. Fuse (1 amp) is blown and it was too much of a pain in the ass to try to get working so i use the key.
All work on this car was done to factory standards. A torque wrench was always used on all, yes all, bolts. I am as anal as Rob Edwards when it comes to fixing the car.
I can take a photo of anything you want to see.

Serious buyers only please. I can pick you up at Chicago Ohare or Cedar Rapids Iowa and fly you back to my house in my plane (or drive if you are afraid of small planes). You can drive this car anywhere in the US as it sits. I can also deliver anywhere in US in my enclosed trailer for a fee.

​​​​​​​Call Jeff  563-581-4938  or email me at jspahn@mac.com     you can also PM me.

https://share.icloud.com/photos/0Lr0Wz2 ... 20bnys73hA
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By JBRob007
Wow!!! Just F’ing WOW!!! Pardon the expletive 😇
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By checkmate1996
Looks like a great car!GLWS!
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By Skyhawk172
Man the Flight from O'Hare would be worth the price of the car! If I only had a another Garage to put it. Beautiful car GLWTS :eyepop:
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