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By Daniel5691
Hello !
1981 928S Euro KJET CIS
I am working through my fuel system currently.
This is a photo of the hot start kit below...
This is a close-up of the location of the hot start solenoid...
And here is the solenoid itself.
My understanding is that under hot start conditions
this allows a squirt of fuel to overcome any 'vapor lock' issues in the CIS (?)
Before removal and disassembly of my engine (for what started as an innocent cam tower leak) I remember that the 928 had typical hot start problems such as those on old carburetor cars... crank crank crank no fire wait 15-20 minutes and fires easily on first crank...
I would like to test this solenoid while I have it out if possible. I do not know how. Any advice ?
Thanks in advance. Dan.
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By SeanR
It's an On/Off switch triggered by the yellow starter lead on the FoE harness, it only stays open for a short time (duration unknown) so to test is simply using a 12v source (battery) and putting some pressure on one end dumping in to a container for the other. Being CIS, know that it may take a significant amount of pressure to get a true test. Be careful.
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