8 cylinder front engine iconic vehicle
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By h2pmr
starting with a pre cut 5" square 5mm thick mild steel plate, hole drilled in the plate and tapped, hole drilled in the rear cam sprocket and then securely bolted down so no mounting visible from the front face.

even got the thin green felt to stick on the under side of the base to stop the potential new owners marble desk getting scratched....

hardest part of all was figuring out how to support the mechanism gently, in the center and secure enough so as when the battery needs changing it still stays in the same place, but am now happy with what i came up with.

once the nuts are tightened at the rear the sprockets are held solidly in place.

now just need to metal bond the center washer to the front sprocket, so it is fixed in place by itself and not by the tension of the locking nut.
then need to test it make sure it keeps good time.

the base gets powder coated gloss black and i was going to powder coat the sprockets silver, but i think i will leave them as they are.
will give them a final clean and then get our body shop to give them a coat of lacquer, to preserve the look of a worn cam sprocket. as i guess the potential customers would only be 928 people, so they would know what they were looking at.
more pictures to follow.
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By h2pmr
just needs testing for its time keeping, then disassemble, powder coat and lacquer, so next post should be the finished article.
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By h2pmr
after testing it for time keeping, which was good, i got the base powder coated gloss black and stuck some standard green felt to the underside, so as not to scratch any surface it sits on.

had to revisit the holding of the clock mechanism as the bracket idea above was just to cumbersome, so bonded a washer and the cam sensor target ring to the front sprocket, then after much measuring, bonded another washer to the clock mechanism and finally another target ring was placed on top to cover the mechanism when looking through the back sprocket.

then the mechanism is held in place when the 2 main hex clamp bolts are tightened.

just the i hex bolt at the rear to hold it all securely to the base.

got our body shop to spray both sprockets with a mat finish lacquer, cannot tell from the pictures but it will now last in this condition for many years to come.

i could have got them sand blasted, but wanted them to have the nice patina of well used cam sprockets

i got some small black numbers to stick on but the more i look at it they would just clutter the overall look of it.

ebay here we come :drink:

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By Don Smith
Forget EBay..... what do you want for it? I’m sure one of us will be a taker.
Both of your clocks are beautiful.
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