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By Sazerac
Hello Everyone

As we know, electronics that get older have problems: capacitors start leaking; power transistors fail, etc. What are people doing to maintain the 6 channel amp?

I have seen some people that do recapping of this amp: https://creativecaraudioshop.com/
They have one on eBay right now for instance and have been mentioned in threads "elsewhere."

BUT, I'm a little hesitant to have a electronics rebuilt by people I don't know anymore. One reputable supplier's failed rebuilt fan amp had "cheap/bad MOSFETS" in them. This one was a specialist though in other non-electrical equipment actually. The MAF I had rebuilt by JDS/Louie Ott failed after only 1600 miles and no neither John nor Louis cared to reply to my request for redress.

Any recommendations for suppliers here?

Cheers, John
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