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By maddog2020
I’m using the same air/oil separator for my stroker with ITB’s. I’m feeding it from Hans’s oil filler neck baffle and it will be fed into the airbox when I get that far.

It’s not running yet so I don’t have any data on how well it works.
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By maddog2020
Shifted wrote: Sun Oct 04, 2020 8:21 am It's a shame that the oil separator hides the mounting bracket, because you did a phenomenal job with the bracket.

Hopefully, it will work for your installation the way that you want it to. Are you going to run the drain back into the oil sump? I have a feeling that you're going to get more oil than I do, given our different implementations. So far, I've gotten zero oil in my drain line.
Thanks. I wanted to mimic the lift bracket with a few small changes and thicker steel. I'll have it coated after I get it running, and will probably weld on a ring similar to the original bracket, my attachment point goes right under the radiator hose so it blends in fairly nice.

I'm also going to run a drain from the bottom of the separator to my oil fill tube on the right.
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