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By Landseer
A thread addressing connectors and associated problem solving could really help me in general.

Specific problem is intermittent dying and no start after car being left outside for a year.

What should be done to clean key grounding ring terminals such as this one? Looks like somebody may have preceded me. Camera flash makes it appear cleaner than it is.

Do you ever clip, clean and resolder?
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By Landseer
Same question, this one.
Do you guys clip, shorten, and reapply the factory connector?

Do you remove the entire two inches or so of factory applied heat shrink (VERY tough stuff)?

Short of a new harness, how do you surgically address these connectors?
CPS connector, harness side, 86 USA
CPS connector, harness side, 86 USA
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By Crumpler
Man, good thread idea, this is going to become more and more of an issue as age and heat degrade our harnesses.
I just had to do an ad hoc repair of my CPS, which is a whole additional pain in the ass with that shielded wire.
I can’t say it was best practice, I just trimmed back more of the petrified insulation and rolled as much shield into a linear shape for the pin connector.
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By hessank
Did these last year when car wouldn't even start.
I replaced all the injector wires, CPS, Temp2 etc.

The patches only works for so long.
Note: update to the new style plugs without those stupid pins
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By Landseer
That would solve it, for sure. All feedback is his harnesses are primo!

For now, I've made some patches, scabbing in a cps-LIKE Bosch connector with a 3 wire pigtail. from a pile of 944 and 928 used wiring. Did what Dave suggested above with that coax, except soldered to the pigtail instead of to new terminals. So I have a few inches of non shielded, but it's in valley, no other electrics in close proximity.

I think it was the badly soldered, mouse pee corroded ground ring terminal that was the culprit, though. All crazy intermittent running, bucking and stalling solved!

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