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By Shifted
For those that capture data, whether with a SharkTuner or other method, you may find Virtual Dyno useful.


If you click on the link with a phone, you'll get a mobile version. But, if you click on it with a regular computer, you'll get the fully featured desktop version. And it is very useful. Aside from the obvious primary function of calculating power and torque, it also has a really nice graphing feature that I find much more useful than SharkPlotter.

Plus, you can use data from just about any source, including GPS logs (if you convert them). If you're interested in converting GPS logs into logs that Virtual Dyno can use, let me know and I'll share my script for that.

If you decide to use the program and want the parameters that I'm using for a custom car profile to match the 928, let me know and I'll post those. And if you come up with a better configuration, please let me know :)

Anyway, here are a few examples of what you can display with it visually. From within the program, if you mouse over a point in the line, it gives you the data for that point. Very nice. These examples are a little busy, but they show how you can visualize what's going on with various aspects of the car as you drive.

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