Welcome all 928 forum refugees!
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By The Rover
Can anyone make a recommendation for brand/model tires?

Not interested in changing my stock wheels, so tires would need to be available in 225/50 16.

The last time I was really up on this stuff was 10 years ago.

The Michelin Pilot Sport had a good reputation back then among the 928 crowd.

Current version is the

Anyone have experience with them?
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By linderpat
The PS A/s 4's are good tires. I run them on my 997. I've had good luck with Portenzas on my 16" 928 wheels, and Hankook Ventus. ('m sure I killed the spellings)
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By Charlie
Don't wait around especially for those oddball rear 245/40s (?or whatever they are). You really don't have a choice of tires with stock wheels I found. No more than 2 non-race tire models are available at any time. I lucked into some great Bridgestone RE-11s but later they were sold out and NLA for 18 months until Bridgestone decided to do another run.

If the Pilot Sport AS4 is available now so much the better. I would grab them ASAP. I have AS3+ on my Panamera 18s and they are fantastic.

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